Woolwich Automata Club

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The Club has its roots in Woolwich Polytechnic. Owing to the Polytechnic's proximity to the Arsenal it was intended to have a strong engineering bent but this might be carried a little far by certain members of the student body. The Club works to produce ever more life-like automata culminating with a Father Christmas who, owing to an unfortunate reindeer malfunction, ended his career in the Thames at the hands of the Woolwich Ferry.

The Club seems harmless, eccentric but not particularly dangerous. However, two of their members were recently apprehended having caused a disturbance in the cloisters of University College London. When searched they proved to be carrying a bag containing tools, a clockwork electricity generator and a Fourteenth Century Grimoire. Under the entry on UCL there is a mention of a recent attempt to break into the case containing the embalmed body of Jeremy Bentham which is housed in the South Cloisters. Could these young rips have been looking to re-animate the body? And to what end?