World War Cthulhu: London

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Front Cover

Publisher: Cubicle 7

Product Code: CB71941

Publishing Year: 2016 (January)

Pages: 192

Author(s): Stuart Boon, Scott Dorward, Martin Dougherty, Paul Fricker, Andrew Kenrick, Matt Nixon, Matt Nott, Nick Robinson, Matthew Sanderson

Artist(s): Jon Hodgson (cover and interior), Sam Manley, Scott Purdy

Setting(s): World War II

Format(s): Softcover and PDF

ISBN: ???


London 1941. The blackout reigns. Only the burning bombed-out buildings and raking searchlights defy the War Office order that has cast the city into darkness.

The nightly rain of German bombs brings death and destruction to the capital. By day you try to not talk about the looming threat of invasion, and how you miss having belly full of real food. At night you huddle in the Tube and sing songs to distract you from the inky darkness.

But there are far more terrifying threats in that darkness than mere German bombs: Twisted and ancient forms released from their long-forgotten prisons; inhuman scavengers drawn by the carnage to feast; depraved cults with demented plans to take advantage of the chaos...

  • Create investigators belonging to N’s Auxiliaries, civilians recruited to battle the agents of the Mythos threatening the Home Front
  • Learn all about life during the London Blitz and the threats – both Mythos and mundane – that lurk in the blackout
  • Discover how London landmarks have been affected by the war
  • Construct effective scenarios with the London Blitz as your backdrop
  • Explore wartime London with three complete, prewritten scenarios

This supplement brings the horrors of the Mythos to London in the 1940s. It is intended for both the World War Cthulhu: Their Darkest Hour and Cthulhu Britannica: London settings.

Sections in the book:

  • Introduction (What is World War Cthulhu: London?)
  • Network Auxiliaries (Recruitment, Life of an Auxiliary, etc)
  • Creating Network N Auxiliaries (including new skills, adapting existing investigators)
  • Other Investigator Organisations
  • Wartime London (including notes on daily life, notable figures, places of interest)
  • Shopping and Equipment (prices, firearms, gas masks)
  • Mythos Horrors
  • Battles on the Home Front (assembling a World War Cthulhu: London scenario)
  • Three fully-detailed scenarios

Scenarios: Midnight Sunrise (Sanderson), Captive Audience (Sanderson), The Meat Trade (Dorward)

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Comments / Trivia

This book was a stretch goal for the successful Cthulhu Britannica: London Box Set Kickstarter. Backers of that campaign who pledged above a certain level received this book as an added extra.


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