Worlds of Cthulhu, Issue 01

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Worlds of Cthulhu #1 Front Cover

Magazine: Worlds of Cthulhu

Publisher: Pegasus Press

Product Code: PGUWOC01

Publishing Year: 2004

Pages: 131

Cover Price: $17.95

Chief Editor: Keith Herber

Editor: Adam Crossingham

Publishing Director: Frank Heller

Associate Editors: Daniel Harms and William Jones

Authors: Richard A. Becker, David Conyers, Adam Crossingham, Günther Dambachmair, Stefan Franck, Stéphane Gesbert, Adam Scott Glancy, Daniel Harms, Frank Heller, Peer Kröger, Paul Maclean, Mike Mearls, Matthias Oden, Wolfgang Schiemichen, and Jan Christopher Steins

Artists: Thorsten Kettermann and Björn Lensig

Maps: David Conyers, Günther Dambachmair, Koen Goorickx, Thorstein Heine, and Björn Lensig

Handouts: L. Abdul Baan, Adam Crossingham, Koen Goorickx, and Kostja Kleye

Comic Strip: John Kovalic

Translators: Hannes Kaiser, Dr. Rainer Nagel, Bill Walsh

Cover artist: François Launet

Cover conception and design: Manfred Escher

Layout: Adam Crossingham

Proofreading: Wood Ingham

Format: Softcover


Scenarios: The Secret of Knossos, The Vampire of Schwarzbrunn, Project π


Additional: Introduction, Dork Tower

Comments / Trivia

Thanks to:

Christian from Bonn, Manfred Escher, Charlotte Ronald, Nicholas Lowson- the Mac man, Koen and Abdul- the last-minute rush-job supermen!


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