Worlds of Cthulhu, Issue 04

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Worlds of Cthulhu #4 Front Cover

Magazine: Worlds of Cthulhu

Publisher: Pegasus Press

Product Code: PP00308

Publishing Year: 2006

Pages: 128

Cover Price: $17.95

Editor(s): Adam Crossingham, Daniel Harms (associate), William Jones (associate)

Author(s): Authors listed by article and scenario

Artist(s): Marcio Fiorito, Koen Goorickx, Marc Hermann, Chris Huth, Felix Mertikat, Natalie Sandells, Kim Schneider, Hugh Thomas, Adam Crossingham (handouts), Thorsten Erker (handouts), D.G. Didi (handouts),

Setting(s): Contains articles and scenarios for the following settings: Cthulhu Dark Ages, 1920s, Blood Brothers 1960s, Modern, Delta Green

Format(s): Softcover



Scenarios: The Voice of Animals (Delta Green), The Black Cat (Cats as Investigators), The Horrible Lonely House in the Woods (1920s), Electric Hoe-Down of the Atomic Reptile Bikini-Women in 3D (Blood Brothers 1960s)


Additional: Editorial, Unspeakable Vault of Doom (comic), Player Handouts included with scenarios within the body of the magazine.

Front Cover Text

Pegasus Press -- I / 2006 -- Issue #4 ISBN 3-937826-63-7 -- PGUWOC04 -- PP00308

H.P. Lovecraft's Worlds of Cthulhu. The Magazine for Call of Cthulhu.

Issue 4

The Horrible Lonely House in the Woods
Twenties horror in Maine's Woodlands

The Voice of the Animals
Modern-day animal experimentation horror in Ramsay Campbell's Severn Valley

Efficacious Wizardry
A guide to more imaginative spell use in Call of Cthulhu

Velvet Paws against the Cthulhu Mythos, includes the short scenario "The Black Cat"

Electric Hoe-Down of the Atomic Reptile Bikini-Women in 3D
A country-fried "Blood Brothers"-style scenario

Friedrich Wilhelm von Junzt -- The "True" History
A look at one of the most infamous Mythos authors

Also In This Issue:
Professionally Speaking: the Cryptozoologist, Cults Exposed! The Sacred Flame of Bubastis, Keepers Corner: Cthulhu Character Generation, American Police Weapons between the Wars ... and so much more.

Back Cover Text

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