Worlds of Cthulhu, Issue 05

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Worlds of Cthulhu #5 Front Cover

Magazine: Worlds of Cthulhu

Publisher: Pegasus Press

Product Code: PP00308

Publishing Year: 2007

Pages: 124

Cover Price: $17.95

Editor(s): Adam Crossingham, Daniel Harms (associate), William Jones (associate)

Author(s): Authors listed by article and scenario

Artist(s): Pascal D. Bohr, Konstantyn Debus, Thomas Ertmer, Manfred Escher, Marcio Fiorito, Koen Goorickx, Chris Huth, David Lee Ingersoll, Christian Küttler, Klaas Neumann, Natalie Sandells, Patrick Strietzel, Nils Bross (handouts), Adam Crossingham (handouts), Vera Schrader (handouts), Kim Schneider (maps),

Setting(s): Contains articles and scenarios for the following settings: Dark Ages, 17th Century London, 1920s, Modern, Delta Green

Format(s): Softcover



Scenarios: Master of Hounds (17th Century London & other), They Sleep By Twilight (1920s), The Woman in Yellow (Gaslight), Out of the Ages (Delta Green)


Additional: Editorial, Unspeakable Vault of Doom (comic), Astrology reading, Player Handouts included with scenarios within the body of the magazine.

Front Cover Text

Pegasus Press -- I / 2007 -- Issue #5 ISBN 3-937826-92-9 -- PGUWOC05 -- PP00310

H.P. Lovecraft's Worlds of Cthulhu. The Magazine for Call of Cthulhu.

Issue 5

Out of the Ages
A modern scenario investigating the aftermath of the PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT by Gary Sumpter

They Sleep By Twilight
A Twenties scenario of tangled concerns, barely formed fears and mistaken identities

Master of Hounds
A STRANGE AEONS scenario set in the Great Plague of London

The Sword of Sneferu
Defenders of humanity or minions of the Mythos

Constantinople 1000AD
The people who make this CTHULHU DARK AGES city an exotic and deadly place to visit

The Germaine Institute
Stands against the growing darkness, placing itself between Hell and the children it hungers for

Also In This Issue:
Astrologica Cthulhiana, Dreaming and Time Travel, The believers of Red Hook ... and so much more.

Back Cover Text

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