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Xiclotl is a fictional planet which first appeared in Ramsey Campbell's short story Insects From Shaggai.


Xiclotl is a planet in the same solar system as Shaggai. It can be guessed the planet is a heavily forested world, home to two or possibly more intelligent species. Once Shaggai had been destroyed, the Insects moved to the planet, before moving on to the world of Thuggon after learning of the Death Vine race of creatures.


The tree like Beings from Xiclotl are said to be carnivorous, tall and cylindrical with a gaping mouth. This race is enslaved by the Shaggai and used as slaves for heavy labour. They are also used as sacrifical victims for the Living Azathoth, present in the Shan temple ship. Many have ben brought to Earth, particularly the Seven Valley region. They act as guards for the Shan. It is not known what level of intelligence or culture the Beings from Xiclotl possess, although it is likely to be at a primitive level.

The other race on Xiclotl is the race of plant like beings called the Death Vines. They are gigantic creatures that dwell in dark pits in the planet's jungles. The race feeds on the Xiclotl race, who venerate the Death Vines as Gods. A halluceogenic property of the Death Vines secretions causes beings to willingly throw themselves to their deaths. They seem to have the ability to shoot their spores into space, where they land on other planets. The Death Vines may have a connection to an obscure plant-like being known as Ei'lor.