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Movies about the hairy, almost-human abominable snow-creature, the Yeti, its American cousins (variously known as "Bigfoot", "Sasquatch", "Skunk Ape", and many others), and similar "wild man" creatures from around the world. The popularity of the creature seems to have come largely in several waves, starting in the 1950s (along with interest in the Yeti), again in the 1970s (along with a revival of interest in America's Bigfoot), and again in the 2010s (probably related to a series of movies and mockbusters attempting to cash in on the contemporary popularity of found-footage films in general, and "reality TV" shows about bigfoot-hunters in particular); there seem to have been some periods of time (especially in the 1960s and 1980s) where mini-waves of movies about the monsters took a sharply comedic or family-friendly fantasy turn (most such movies have been omitted here, as these films had a decidedly different tone from even the least Lovecraftian Yeti/Bigfoot movies).


  • Settings: Any wilderness setting, such as Rural America or Tibet; Weird West, Gaslight and any 20th Century frontier/backwoods/colonial/imperial settings are classic places to find Yetis, Sasquatch, Bigoot, and their cousins
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Film List

  • The Snow Creature (1954 film) - American botanical expedition in the Himalayas stumbles across a Yeti den, capture one and transport it back to Los Angeles, where it escapes while customs officials are debating whether it is animal or human. (Wikipedia), (IMDb)
    • Review by Scott Ashlin at 1000 Misspent Hours and Counting (1/5 Stars) (link) Review by Brett Gallman at Oh The Horror! (link) Review by Elizabeth Kingsley at And You Call Yourself A Scientist! (link) Review by Justin McKinney at The Bloody Pit of Terror (1/4 Stars) (link) Review by David Sindelar at Fantastic Movie Musings and Ramblings (link)
  • Half Human (1955 film) - A yeti terrorizes people on top of Mount Fuji. (Wikipedia) (IMDb (Japanese Version)) (IMDb (US Version))
  • Man Beast (1956 film) - A woman leads an expedition to the Himalayas to find her missing brother, and makes a shocking discovery when Yetis attack the camp and a strange old man with bizarre origins turns up with sinister plans for the woman. (IMDb)
    • Review at TV Guide (1/4 Stars) (link) Review by Glenn Erikson at DVD Savant (link) Review by Rod Lott at Flick Attack (link) Review by Mitch Lovell at The Video Vacuum (2.5 Stars) (link) Review by Dave Sindelar at Fantastic Movie Musings and Ramblings (link)
  • The Abominable Snowman (1957 film) An especially atmospheric and Lovecraftian take on the Yeti, as a super-intelligent, psychic race which will inherit the Earth after man has gone extinct, and the scientist (Peter Cushing) who seeks to find evidence of its existence.
  • Bigfoot (1970 film) - A biker, a bear, a girl, and a sideshow promoter (John Carradine) meet the legendary biped of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Legend of Boggy Creek (1972 film), Return to Boggy Creek (1977 film), Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues (1984 film) - Rural residents recount sightings of a hairy, three-toed biped in Fouke, Arkansas: the "Fouke Monster"; in the first sequel, three children are caught in a hurricane while searching for the legendary monster in a Louisiana bayou; then, an Arkansas professor takes students to Texarkana to track the legendary 400-pound Boggy Creek beast.
  • Horror Express (1972 film) A frozen ice-man possessed by a satanic alien intelligence is revived on a Siberian train, where it kills the passengers one-by-one and raises the dead, in this variation on The Thing.
  • Shriek of the Mutilated (1974 film) - Four college students and their leader embark on a path of mystery and death while searching for the Abominable Snowman.
  • Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot (1975 film) - A docudrama follows a group of explorers on a summer-long search for the mythical Bigfoot creature.
  • Night of the Howling Beast (1975 film) - An expedition to the Himalayas leads to frightening encounters with werewolves, a sorceress and the legendary yeti. (IMDB)
  • The Legend of Bigfoot (1976 film) - A wildlife expert is called to help with a bear problem and makes the discovery of a lifetime.
  • Creature from Black Lake (1976 film) - Louisiana swamp dwellers cross paths with college students in search of a bayou bigfoot.
  • Snowbeast (1977 film) - A skier and his wife visit a friend's ski resort during a man-beast's rampage.
  • Curse of Bigfoot (1978 film) - While a class is discussing what is known and what should remain unknown, a high school teacher tells the students a horrifying story from his youth, when he went into the forest with some students and not only discovered Native American artifacts, but also stumbled onto a mummified monster, which came alive and proceeded to terrorize the area.
  • Cry Wilderness (1987 film) - Bigfoot's ghost brings a boy to where his father and a hunter are mistaking Bigfoot for a Bengal tiger.
  • The Capture of Bigfoot (1979 film) - Killings panic citizens of a remote village and lead officials to a Bigfoot, who is searching frantically for her baby.
  • Demonwarp (1988 film) - A man whose daughter was kidnapped by Bigfoot rescues topless teens from alien sacrifice in the woods.
  • Wendigo (2001 film) - A highly-stressed family takes time away from the city to vacation in upstate New York for the winter, strike a deer on the icy road, and find themselves troubled by the legend of the Wendigo.
  • Abominable (2006 film) - After a family tragedy, a paraplegic man retreats to a mountain cabin, where he encounters a hairy, man-like creature, and sets out to capture the creature to prove that he is not delusional.
  • Yeti: Curse of the Snow demon (2008 film) - Bone-chilling monster mayhem ensues when a plane crashes into the Himalayas, and the survivors face the perilous plummeting temperatures along with a huge hairy beast devouring them like frozen ready-meals.
  • Fear the Forest (2009 film) (AKA Killer Bigfoot) - Several friends journey into the deep woods to search for a legendary Bigfoot monster.
  • Night Claws (2011 film) - A bloodthirsty Bigfoot, which kills without warning, is on a rampage near a small town. This is not your ordinary Bigfoot - This creature is lightning fast, incredibly strong and seems to thrive on not just killing but tearing people apart as well.
  • Rage of the Yeti (2011 film) - Treasure hunters are sent on an expedition to the Arctic on the trail of a missing scientific research team. While there, the explorers discover it is home to a species of ferocious snow monsters, and face a battle to make it back to civilization alive.
  • Snowbeast (2011 film) - A research team in the snowy wilds of Canada run afoul of a terrifying Yeti leaving a father and daughter fighting for survival.
  • Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes (2012 film) - A journalist and his team journey into the wilderness to investigate a claim of a Bigfoot sighting.
  • Bigfoot (2012 film) - A rock concert awakens the legendary monster, who goes on the rampage. The event's organiser plans to kill the beast and create a tourist attraction around its stuffed body, but an environmentalist realizes the creature is the last of its species, and is determined to make sure it does not become extinct.
  • Bigfoot County (2012 film) - A documentary filmmaker travels to Siskiyou County California to investigate Bigfoot sightings.
  • Love in the Time of Monsters (2013) - A comedy/horror in which two sisters staying in a tourist trap battle toxic monsters wearing bigfoot costumes to save the ones they love.
  • Willow Creek (2013 film) - A man and his girlfriend camp in the woods to capture firsthand evidence of Bigfoot.
  • Bigfoot Wars (2014 film) - A small town becomes the focal point of a brutal clash between man and a legendary creature.
  • Exists (2014 film) - Five friends travel to a remote cabin in the woods and plan to record their entire weekend. Their party plans are quickly ruined when they realize the property is in the middle of Bigfoot's territory, and it is not happy to have trespassers.
  • Stomping Ground (2011 film) - Ben and Annie run into an old friend and embark on an impromptu Bigfoot hunt that threatens their relationship and lives.
  • Bigfoot: the Movie (2015 film) - Three residents of Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, team up to track down Bigfoot.
  • Skookum: The Hunt for Bigfoot (2016 film) - A talk-show host leaves her job to search for her sister, a Bigfoot researcher who has disappeared in the marshes of Louisiana where a swamp legend has come to life.
  • Kampout (2017 film) - After its offspring is murdered, Bigfoot rampages through Ohio.
  • Primal Rage (2018 film) - Deep in the Pacific Northwest, a couple become lost in a forest where a mysterious creature dwells, and soon find themselves in a fierce fight for survival against a terrifying beast that may be the legendary Bigfoot.

"Lovecraftian" Analysis

The native folklore for the Yeti and Sasquatch seems to suggest that these beings are not entirely material as we understand matter, and are remnants of a far older, wiser civilization.

Modern cryptozoology has largely linked these creatures to a lost "missing link" ancestor of mankind, or to a extinct species of large primates such as gigantopithecus; the evolutionary linkage perhaps being of some minor interest to Mythos writers, and could perhaps be linked to varieties of hairy ape-men found in pulp literature such as Voormis and Gnophkehs, collectively described as "Frazetta Man" (due to Frazetta's pulp illustrations of the brutish, hairy, muscular beings).

The evolutionary link might also be joined with the Theosophical claim that modern humans have descended from an earlier race of crude giants, which in turn descended from semi-material Lemurian amphibious giants from the Astral Plane; native descriptions of Yetis and Sasquatch as an older, wiser progenitor race of spirit-ancestor giants would seem to match the Theosophical description, and likewise fit into the Lovecraftian mythos hinted at in such stories as "The Mound (fiction)".

Lovecraft links (by way of an unreliable narrator) an old Tibetan word for the Yeti - migo - to his own creations, the alien "Fungi from Yuggoth": "It was of no use to demonstrate to such opponents that the Vermont myths [of the Whisperer in Darkness] differed but little in essence from those universal legends of natural personification which filled the ancient world with fauns and dryads and satyrs... no use, either, to point out the even more startlingly similar belief of the Nepalese hill tribes in the dreaded Mi-Go or 'Abominable Snow-Men' who lurk hideously amidst the ice and rock pinnacles of the Himalayan summits." - "The Whisperer in Darkness (fiction)" by H.P. Lovecraft

Associated Mythos Elements

  • deity: Wendigo
  • race: Sasquatch
  • race: Yeti
  • race: Troll
  • race: Mi-Go (sometimes associated with Yetis under the local Tibetan name "Migo"; even Lovecraft suggested this vague and seemingly unlikely connection)
  • race: Man of Leng (the hairy, Satyr-like Men of Leng might also suggest an alternative origin for the Yeti legend)
  • race: Gnophkeh, Voormi
  • race: People of K'n-yan

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