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Yibb-Tstll (Yibb, Tstll or The Black, The Watcher in the Glade, The Drowner, The Patient One, The Mother of Opposition)

Yibb-Tstll's blood is alien and can be utilized as a weapon known as "The Black", which takes the form of black snowflakes that stick to a victim and smothers them. Often envisioned as an immobile dark mass of tentacles with a deformed head, detached eyes and large bat wings under which countless Nightgaunts suckle from innumerable breasts.

Origin: (Brian Lumley, possibly 1967's "Rising with Surtsey", or 1973's "The Kiss of Bugg-Shash", or 1977's "The Horror at Oakdeene"?)

In the Mythos

...Standing half in the shadow of a massive stalagmite, the carven figure of Yibb-Tstll loomed, overlooking all else in the temple. And over all else it was this monstrous effigy, despite being partly obscured, which primarily drew the wide eyes of the dreamers. Of more or less manlike proportion, the-thing-had a head, a polished black lump atop its sloping shoulders of stone. Two eyes were frozen in oddly unnatural positions on the surface of the head: one was up near the top, the other was low, where the corner of a mouth might have been in a more nearly normal statue. The lower eye was green and shone with an inner luminosity-a massive emerald-but the other was of a reddish, bloody hue, and of the two it looked decidedly more real. The narrowly sloping shoulders were cloaked, as was the bulky body beneath; but the cloak, carved of the same stalagmite stone as the god, was open in front to reveal many polished black breasts. This was an anomaly in itself since patently the figure was male. Beneath the cloak where it billowed in petrified rigidity, a cluster of stone night-gaunts, their wings folded, clung tightly, almost lovingly, to the unseen body of the god. The idol was a nightmare, made even more nightmarish by its height - which was almost three times that of a tall man!
— Brian Lumley, "Hero of Dreams"

Yibb-Tstll's bulk was emerging into the still dim light, surrounded by a greenish glow, and one look at tha black god of horror was almost too much for the adventurers to bear.... Yibb-Tstll - a loathsomeness from the dead spaces between the stars - whose living visage made his previously stony aspect seem almost war and friendly by comparison! Greenly illumined, Yibb-Tstll seemed to flow toweringly, purposefully toward them. The god's feet, or whatever other members propelled him, were hidden beneath his billowing cloak. His eye... was now alive, redly glistening with hideous mobility; it slid over the surface of the demon-god's pulpy face with a swift and apparently aimless motion. The empty socket... moved in similarly pointless circles and dripped a black pus that steamed where it splashed on the stony ground.... Less than fifty feet separated the pair at bay from that awful Being when the latter's cloak suddenly burst open to release upon the beleaguered dreamers the few remaining gaunts....
— Brian Lumley, "Hero of Dreams"

Lest any brash or inexperienced Wizard be tempted to call forth one of ye Drowners - be it Yibb-Tstll or Bugg-Shash - this Warning shall guide him & inform him of his Folly. For ye Drowners are of a like treacherous & require ye most delicate Handling & minutest Attention to thaumathurgic Detail. Yibb-Tstll may only be controlled by use of ye Soul-Searing Barrier of Naach-Tith, & Bugg-Shash may only be contained in ye Pentagram of Power. Too, ye Drowners must be sent early about ye Business of them, which is Death, lest they find ways to turn upon ye Caller. Call NOT upon Bugg-Shash for ye sake of mere idle curiosity; for ye Great Black One, neither him nor His Cousin, will return of His own Accord to His Place, but will seek out by any Means a Victim, being often that same Wizard which uttered ye Calling. Of ye two is Bugg-Shash most treacherous and vilely cunning, for should no Sacrifice or Victim be prepared for His Coming, He will not go back without He takes His Caller with Him, must needs He stay an hundred Years to accomplish His Purpose....
Feery's Notes on the Cthaat Aquadingen, as portrayed by Brian Lumley in "The Kiss of Bugg-Shash"

The Black

Yibb's "blood" is its own entity, a living curse called "The Black", which takes the form of black snowflakes or droplets that stick to victims and smother or drown them; "The Black" has its own specialized cult of wizards surrounding its special powers, which may include the ability to weaken and "drown" the Great Old Ones, making them easier for the wizards to control. Origin: at some dim point in history, The Black was summoned or created by an unknown adversary to destroy Yibb, a minor Great Old One, but the attack ended in stalemate - some remnant of Yibb survives, locked in a stasis of eternal agony, and since then, Yibb and The Black ("Tstll") have been conflated by generations of occultists who imagine that the Black is Yibb's power rather than its torment. (RPGnet Discussion on Yibb-Tstll)

The Soul-Searing Barrier of Naach-Tith

The Barrier of Naath-Tith (also known as the Wall of Naach-Tith or Naath-Tith's Barrier) is a powerful formula, described in the Cthaat Aquadingen, which may be used to create a barrier to build an invisible forcefield of great strength. As well as being used to create protective fields the barrier can also be used as a temporary means of imprisoning an entity.

See: The Barrier of Naath-Tith

Heresies and Controversies

  • This Great Old One's name is actually Yibb, "Tstll" refers to The Black, a separate living liquid parasitic entity that infests Yibb in place of blood; over time, wizards have come to conflate the two entities as "Yibb-Tstll". (RPGnet Discussion on Yibb-Tstll)
  • Yibb-Tstll is literally a cousin (a literal "blood relative" on the family tree) of Bugg-Shash (literal fan interpretation of Lumley's occult references to the similar natures of these beings in "The Kiss of Bugg-Shash")
  • Alternatively, Bugg-Shash is not directly related to Yibb-Tstll, but is called its "cousin" due to certain similarities in their nature as "Drowners". (figurative fan interpretation of Lumley's occult references to the similar natures of these beings in "The Kiss of Bugg-Shash")
  • Yibb-Tstll is one of The Drowners introduced by Brian Lumley: parasitic alien entities which thrive by vampyrizing the Great Old Ones themselves. (Encyclopaedia Cthulhiana, and possibly Brian Lumley in "The House of the Temple")
  • One hint to a motivation for Yibb-Tstll is in "The Horror at Oakdeene," in which it desires entry to our world. Perhaps it already partially seeps into our world, evidenced as fish falls and poltergeists and other Fortean events...? (YSDC Discussion on Yibb-Tstll)
  • If you go with the idea from "The Dunwich Horror" that Earth fell from another dimension, perhaps this is something Yibb-Tstll wants to reverse? (YSDC Discussion on Yibb-Tstll)
  • With the time/space thing, Yibb could be a more overtly chaotic parallel to Yog-Sothoth... (YSDC Discussion on Yibb-Tstll)
  • A gigantic, bat-winged humanoid with detached eyes, wearing a green robe. This horrible deity sees all time and space as it slowly rotates in the centre of its clearing within the Jungle of Kled, in Earth's Dreamlands. (Unknown sources, possibly Encyclopaedia Cthulhiana?)
  • Her symbol is the circle. The key signifiers of her intrusion is repetition, i.e. "history repeating itself." Endless loops - the details change but the story remains the same. Humans are stuck in linear time, so Yibb-Tstll represents existence sublimated over time. She cannot typically interface with our world, however, because her nature is to be outside of linear time. cultists can gain 4th dimensional insight through communion with the deity. This allows them to "see the future" - although for Yibb there is no such thing as future or past. All times appear as one, overlain over each other. Other possible "gifts" from this deity include co-location, the ability to send dreams, and the ability to summon The Black. Yibb is not really inimical to humanity. However, communion with her tends to drive people insane because knowing the future tends to make one insane.... (Asmodas in the YSDC Discussion on Yibb-Tstll)
  • Yibb is the Mother of Opposition. It births monsters that hunt and kill the servitors of the other Great Old Ones, especially the spawn of Shub-Niggurath. (RPGnet Discussion on Yibb-Tstll)
  • Maybe Yibb is a long-term plan on the part of Nyarlathotep to acquire complete control over the Nightgaunts. Any Nightgaunt that drinks Yibb's milk is permanently bound to its will. The Investigators can encounter Nodens in the Dreamlands, who wants them to do something about this Yibb pest that is poaching his favorite servitors and turning them against him. (Barghest, in an RPGnet Discussion on Yibb-Tstll)
  • Perhaps the Nightgaunts and/or The Black are parasites which feed on Yibb, keeping her weak. (RPGnet Discussion on Yibb-Tstll)

Keeper Notes

As one of "The Drowners", parasitic alien horrors who feed on the Great Old Ones, one potential role that Yibb-Tstll and its "cousin" Bugg-Shash share in common might be the power to "drown" or weaken the Great Old Ones, results which many cultists may find well worth the risk of summoning such dangerous, treacherous, and intractible monsters as The Drowners into this world.

Cultists might also wish to summon Yibb-Tstll for its outsider perspective of time-space or for its powers over time for use in time-travel or to reverse death, the effects of spells, and other permanent effects.


The symbols of most cults of Yibb-Tstll include black circles or rings, Ouroboros (a circular figure of a snake biting the end of its tail), Mobius strips (a non-Euclidean circular figure with a half-twist in it formed in such a way that the inside and outside are the same surface), lemniscates (infinity symbols resembling a figure-8 on its side), and other such cyclical and infinity symbols, and sometimes by black circular symbols representing the breasts of Yibb (from which flow The Black).

Yibb's cultists include solitary wizards or small covens who seek to obtain The Black from Yibb for the purpose of using it as a weapon or tool to weaken more powerful entities with (such as the Great Old Ones), or by sorcerers or cultists who risk madness to seek prophetic visions of the past and/or future, or those who seek to use Yibb's dangerous and sanity-blasting power to reverse otherwise permanent effects (raise the dead to life, cause the living to die, remove magical effects, alter space and time, etc.)

Associated Mythos Elements