You Are What You Eat

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Pages: 9

Author(s): Jason Lindsey

Artist(s): (none)

Setting: 1920s up to Modern Lovecraft Country or anywhere an all-night diner, cafe, truck stop, or "greasy-spoon" restaurant can be found

Appears in: Plan 09 From Halloween

Campaign: (none)


The investigators stop at the isolated Rusty's Diner late at night and encounter friendly staff and the best burgers and shredded pork in the state.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

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The investigators drop in for dinner at the isolated Rusty's Diner late at night and encounter friendly staff and the best burgers and shredded pork in the state, and discover that Rusty's Diner has a secret recipe: the staff are "humanitarians", and the investigators and an innocent bystander are on the menu. The plot thickens when monsters get involved.


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  • Rusty's Diner


Tomes and Artifacts:

  • Creepy Shoebox (containing newspaper clippings about victims, and a notebook with spells in it)
  • Altar
  • Elder Sign (symbol)

Campaigns / Scenarios: (none)


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Keeper Comments

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According to the Scenario's author: "This story is for a group of investigators who have just finished with an adventure or a major campaign. Rusty’s diner is off the beaten path and lets them get a chance to clean up and recover for a bit before they depart for their next adventure. This is where the fun begins."

Setting: The scenario doesn't specify a setting, the default classic era Lovecraft Country should be fine, and the scenario apparently both assumes that setting and mentions changes that could be made for use in Cthulhu Now/modern setting. Perhaps this could be fun to drop into a campaign set in the 1960s or 1970s though, in the spirit of this scenario's resemblance to cannibal hillbilly horror and certain other films from those decades (such as Gargoyles (1972), Psycho (1960), Blood Feast (1963), The Spider Baby (1964), Death Line (1972), Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), The Hills Have Eyes (1977),, or perhaps the Dark Ages Scottish lowlands (Rusty's Diner becomes "The Saw & Bean Tavern", heh), but really the scenario could be dropped into any campaign setting, from Invictus to the Dreamlands to Delta Green, with only minimal cosmetic changes.

Special Notes: It appears the scenario assumes that Rusty's Diner is a popular hang-out for investigators, and the scenario tries to encourage the investigators to eat "hamburger" and "shredded pork" that is revealed to be the remains of previous victims; this might not go over well with all audiences. The addition of both Nightgaunts and unrelated "Blood Demons" (which are effectively Ghouls) to the formula may be just a bit further over the top than this scenario needed (and the relationship of these creatures to the backstory doesn't really make a lot of sense as-written), and some keepers may wish to leave one or both of these monsters out of the scenario. Because the rationale behind the roles of both the Nightgaunts and "Blood Demons" is a bit convoluted and unlikely, keepers might be advised to avoid volunteering any of the scenario's explanations to the players (any explanation the players think up for themselves has a good chance of making as much sense); alternatively, keepers may choose to create their own explanation and use it as a launching point for a sequel or campaign.

Dependence on Halloween: None at all - I don't think Halloween is even mentioned in the scenario.

Sequel Plot Hooks: The scenario assumes that the investigators have eaten at the diner before, and that the diner may be a popular hangout for investigators; this implies a history with the diner being established in earlier scenarios of a campaign, and may suggest hooks for sequel adventures. Keepers might use the convoluted monster backstory as an opportunity to flesh out a better explanation in sequels or in a larger campaign. The scenario background information also mentions that some cultists may have defected to start their own Cult of the Nightgaunt elsewhere.