ZauberZeit, Issue 03

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Front Cover

Magazine: ZauberZeit

Publisher: Laurin Verlag

Product Code: ####

Publishing Year: February 1987

Pages: 56

Cover Price: DM 6

Editor: ?

Authors: Uwe Anton, Robert Lynn Asprin, Kim Barkmann, Charles Edward Brown, Andreas Claren, Bartholomäus Gierschewski, Bernhard Hennen, Thore Husfeldt, Michael Immig, Heiko Langhans, Peter Lütkes, Sven Mikolajewicz, Karl-Georg Müller, Lutz Reimers, Hans-Peter Salewski, Ralf-Peter Schmidt, Martin Schröder, Volker Sonnenberg, Björn Stachmann, Friedemann Stampa, Marie Thaler, Andree Tietjen

Artists: Sebastian Fugenzi, Michael Immig, Peter Lütkes, Peter Rutowski, Ralf-Peter Schmidt

Format: Softcover


Scenarios: White Fire

Articles: N/A

Additional: Introduction

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