1930 in India

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March 2 - Mohandas Gandhi informs British viceroy of India that civil disobedience would begin nine days later

March 8 - The Followers of Mohandas Gandhi adopt a resolution declaring that they will achieve self-governance for India, despite the risk of imprisonment by the British Colonial Authorities.

March 12 - Mohandas Gandhi sets off to a 200-mile protest march towards the sea with 78 followers to protest the British monopoly on salt - more will join them during the Salt March that ends in April 5.

March 20 - As part of the Salt March protest, Mohandas Gandhi arrived in Kareli, India. He deliberately instructs villagers there to refuse to fetch water for the tax collectors as long as they worked for the British government.

May 4/May 5 - Mohandas Gandhi is arrested again.

December 28 - Mohandas Gandhi leaves for Britain for negotiations


November 5 – Arjun Singh, politician and Minister (d. 2011)

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