A Dark Song (2016 film)

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Promotional image for A Dark Song (2016)


"Not everything can be forgiven." A determined young woman and a damaged occultist risk their lives and souls to perform a dangerous ritual that will grant each of them what they want.



MPAA Ratings

  • Rated: unrated (equivalent to an 'R', with nudity, sexual situations, violence, adult themes, etc.)

Tentacle Ratings

A rough measure of how "Lovecraftian" the work is:

  • S____ (One Tentacle: Debateably Lovecraftian; has almost no direct connection to Lovecraft's work)

Not very Lovecraftian, though the strange, occult subject matter does have a weird, cosmic element to it.

Note: This rating is not intended as a measure of quality, merely of how closely related to Lovecraftian "Weird" fiction the work is.


Review Links:

  • Rookery in the YSDC forums, (link) - "A nice piece of occult creepiness, about a woman who rents a cottage in the Welsh backwaters to have a specialist conduct a ritual for her. Some good tips on making a ritual seem appropriately big, strange and weird rather than just being a recipe - there was a sense of danger throughout."

Synopsis (SPOILERS)


Comments, Trivia, Dedication

  • The ritual performed in the movie is the Abramelin Operation, an occult rite attempted by gnostics such as Aleister Crowley. The ritual is meant to obtain "the knowledge and conversation" of the ritualist's guardian angel.
  • A quote from the film's occultist character: "No, this is Gnosticism.... The Kabbalah is there as grammar - a structure. The Kabbalah is an exploration of god. We're doing something much darker..."

Associated Mythos Elements

The film probably contains numerous more or less standard-issue (non-Mythos) occult references, but I don't remember any of them now, it might be worth rewatching this film to catch any important ones.

Keeper Notes