A Nice Night for Screaming (Scenario)

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Front Cover of Imagine Magazine, issue 28

Pages: 8

Author(s): Marcus L. Rowland

Artist(s): Kevin Hopgood

Setting: 1926

Appears in: Imagine, Issue 28.


The Investigators have been hired by an NPC to get them to Miami, Florida to save an innocent man from being executed for a crime he did not commit.


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Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

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 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
The Investigators are hired by an NPC to get them to Miami, Florida to save an innocent man from being executed. The quickest way is by plane, caught in a storm the plane crashes in the Florida swamps. Nearby is the house of Dr John Pellhew, where they can shelter for the night. Strange events occur and it becomes clear that one member of the household is not all that they appear to be, but which one.


Player Handouts: N/A

Locations: Pellew House

Creatures: Alligator

Tomes and Artifacts: N/A


The scenario was written for use with the following rpgs and contains stats for all of them Call of Cthulhu, Daredevils, Gangbusters & Indiana Jones, as such there is no direct Mythos content.

A sequel to the scenario entitled Honeymoon in Hell was published in Blood Brothers.

Marcus Rowland, later re-used the title of this scenario for one that appears in the third Forgotten Futures worldbook "George E. Challenger's Mysterious World: A Roleplaying Sourcebook for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Scientific Hero", the author says of the relationship of the scenario in the worldbook to the original, "...it has been re-written completely, with the setting and all characters and motivations changed. Think of it as a variation on a theme."

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