A Study in Emerald (Fiction)

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This article is about the short story. For other uses of A Study in Emerald, please see A Study in Emerald (Disambiguation)


Shadows Over Baker Street
Fragile Things
The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Year: 2003

Pages: 9 (in PDF format); 24 (in Shadows Over Baker Street hardcover)

Author(s): Neil Gaiman

Artist(s): Jouni Koponen (PDF format only)

Appears in: Shadows Over Baker Street, Fragile Things, and The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes


A Sherlock Holmes story set in an alternate Victorian England after the Great Old Ones have taken over.

Comments / Trivia

Neil Gaiman has made this story available as a free download from his web site (see link below.) The story is in PDF format and is formatted to look like an old-time newspaper.

Although the story itself does not mention any dates, the newspaper-style formatting of the PDF shows the date as 1914.

"A Study in Emerald" won the 2004 Hugo Award for Best Short Story, and the 2005 Locus Award for Best Novelette.


Link to outside reviews or helpful pages.


Nope, not gonna do it. You'll just have to read the story yourself.


There's a pretty good synopsis of "A Study in Emerald" at Wikipedia, which you'll find a link to in, unsurprisingly, the links section.


Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson, Inspector Lestrade

Creatures: Unique to this story

Tomes and Artifacts: None

Locations: London, England

Campaigns / Scenarios: None

Keeper Comments

Because this story uses an alternate historical setting, any Call of Cthulhu game based on this story or using this setting would have to be a standalone campaign or scenario. It would not be possible to fold this story or setting into a standard Gaslight-era or Classic-era campaign.

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