A Study of the Pnakotic Manuscripts

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Title: A Study of the Pnakotic Manuscripts, AKA A Study of the Pnakotic Fragments

Origin: the film Stranger Aeons (2005 film)


Paperback Edition

  • author: Ephraim Waite
  • Language: English
  • Last known location of surviving copies (if rare): at least one copy in the Orne Library
  • Physical Description: Paperback book published shortly before the death of Ephraim Waite.
  • General Content: A sanitized collection of notes on the Pnakotic Fragments to English, based on the understanding that the original text is a mathematical or scientific work rather than occult, along with incomplete or dubious translations of the original text into English.

Mythos Content

  • Spells:  ? (few, or none, perhaps some relating to mind transfer)
  • Sanity Loss: (minor)
  • Mythos Knowledge: (minor)
  • Occult Knowledge: (minor)



Associated Mythos Elements

Heresies and Controversies

Keeper Notes