A Tale of Terror

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Pages: 1-2

Author(s): Steve Hatherley, Garrie Hall, John Tynes, Per Okerstrom

Artist(s): Brian Bevel

Appears in: The Unspeakable Oath Issues 02, 03, 04, 05


A column of scenario seeds for Call of Cthulhu

Issue 2 contained ‘’Grim Portrait’’ by Steve Hatherley. An artist dies violently in the manner of his paintings.

Issue 3 contained:

  • "The Spider-Man" by Steve Hatherley. A patient in an asylum is covered in spiders.
  • "Men In Black" by Garrie Hall. Two men dressed in black suits warn the investigator to stop.
  • "The Boods" by John Tynes. A woman disappears. Her husband is arrested. The woman returns.

Issue 4 contained ‘’To All the Shapes at Sea’’ by Per Okerstrom. A monstrous sea creature is taken to Boston University. The scientist who examined the creature goes missing.

Issue 5 contained:

  • "Scarlet Fever" by Steve Hatherley. A disease changes human flesh to jelly.
  • "Something in Stone" by Graham Theobalds. Standing stones are discovered in a remote valley in Wales.