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[[Image:Adventurer Issue 05.jpg|thumb|''Cover of Adventurer Magazine, Issue 05'']]
[[Image:Adventurer Issue 05.jpg|thumb|''Adventurer, Issue 05'']]
'''Pages:''' 48- 53
'''Pages:''' 48- 53
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'''Locations:''' [[Hoy (Island)|Hoy]], [[Whaness (Village)|Whaness]], [[Rackwick (Village)|Rackwick]], [[Kilbride House]], [[Kilbride Distillery]], [[Dwarfie Stane]]
'''Locations:''' [[Hoy (Island)|Hoy]], [[Whaness (Village)|Whaness]], [[Rackwick (Village)|Rackwick]], [[Kilbride House]], [[Kilbride Distillery]], [[Dwarfie Stane]]
'''Creatures:''' [[Vampire]], [[Cultists]]
'''Creatures:''' [[Vampire]], [[Human Cultist|Cultists]]
'''Tomes and Artifacts:''' Black Leather Tome
'''Tomes and Artifacts:''' Black Leather Tome

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Adventurer, Issue 05

Pages: 48- 53

Author(s): Kevin Till, Christopher Reeves

Artist(s): N/A (Un-illustrated)

Setting: 1920s

Appears in: Adventurer, Issue 05.

Campaign: N/A


An unexpected letter from an uncle of one of the investigators leads to mystery and danger in the Orkneys.


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Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
The letter refers to two deaths the Uncle believes to be linked. They are indeed linked, to a vampire created by Tsathoggua which is attempting to make the island of Hoy a center of worship for his god. To this end he has possessed the owner of the local distillery and bought many under his spell while at the same time disposing of those he cannot bring under his control.


Player Handouts: Letter from "Uncle Robert", Medical Records of James Kilbride, Diary of James Kilbride

Locations: Hoy, Whaness, Rackwick, Kilbride House, Kilbride Distillery, Dwarfie Stane

Creatures: Vampire, Cultists

Tomes and Artifacts: Black Leather Tome


Scenario mentions that a map of the island of Hoy was part of the scenario, but none was included in the published version. However as Hoy is a real location this should not prove too much of a problem.

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