Ab-human Priests of Raaee

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Name(s): "Cult of the Raaee", "Priests of Raaaee", "Ab-human Priests of Raaee", "The Ab-human Priests in the Incantation of the Raaee"

First Appearance: William Hope Hodgson's Carnacki: the Ghost-Finder supernatural detective short stories

Short Description: A mysterious cult of apparently quasi-human, non-human, or formerly human entities serving as priests to the 'Raaee, or Elder Gods', acting in a seemingly benevolent manner on the occasions that appeals to the Priests for help are answered.

History and Scope

Standing between Earth's ordinary material plane and the Outer Monstrosities are Earth's psychic or astral defenses, built in distant prehistory by "ab-human" Priests of Raaee, a cult of strange, distant, ascended masters of the Astral Plane, for their own inscrutable but seemingly benevolent purposes. These defenses have eroded, but are still sparsely patrolled and defended by these priests when called upon with the proper incantations and rituals to do so, though the defenses continue to deteriorate, and the Priests grow increasingly distant and forgetful; in time, it will be the responsibility of humanity alone to rebuild and maintain these defenses....

Little is known directly about the Priests of Raaee, except that an early reference to them was made in the 14th century tome, the Sigsand Manuscript; they are undoubtedly a far more ancient than that, perhaps antediluvian in origin. They rarely interact with the physical world, and rarely exert any power or influence here, and their cult seems to have little nor no scope in this world; the closest thing to an extension of their cult in the material plane appears to be the occasional occultist who makes an appeal through them for help, and the Carnacki Institute, which has employed their teachings extensively since their foundation by Thomas Carnacki.

Identification, Psychology and Behavior

The term "ab-human" connotes a separation from normal human existence, something that is only vestigially human and possibly in the process of becoming something monstrous or foreign to natural humanity. The priests, if they were ever human, appear to have ascended to a different plane of existence, and perhaps no longer exist in this world but instead in some Outer Plane; thus, they are seemingly distant from humanity and rarely involved in the affairs of Earth.

Little is revealed in the original source material about the priests, except that they are at least superficially benevolent to humanity, intervening on occasion on humanity's behalf to prevent malevolent intrusions from Outside, though never appearing or interacting with humans or evil spirits in any direct way, instead intervening in a solely abstract, distant, metaphysical, spiritual, or psychic sense, roughly corresponding in that way with the concept of angels, or perhaps more accurately the vaguely ritualistic concept of "good luck".


Tomes, Artifacts, Sites

Allies, Creatures and Deities

  • Raaee, or Elder Gods
    • If their priests are distant, then the supernatural entities they worship are positively remote, rarely if ever interacting directly on humanity's behalf, and instead acting only rarely through their priests, who act only rarely on behalf of human cultists, who act only rarely on behalf of humanity.
    • According to some occult theories, the Raaee are the most ancient and highly-ascended masters of the ascended masters who serve as their cult, entities existing perhaps on an even higher plane of existence.
  • Carnacki Institute, a seemingly benevolent cult of supernatural detectives and "ghost-finders" who serve as some of humanity's few watchmen against the outer darkness of the universe.
  • Elemental spirits, such as the Aeiirii and Saiitii, whom the priests and their Elder Gods can sometimes be invoked to help repel.
  • "Outer Monstrosities", particularly vague and sinister entities waiting beyond the Earth for an opportunity to penetrate Earth's psychic and magickal defenses and invade the world with their darkness, whom the priests and their Elder Gods can somewhat more reliably but less effectively invoked to help repel.

Other Resources

Heresies and Controversies

  • The motives of the Priests in protecting humanity from the Outer Monstrosities is unknown, but Thomas Carnacki speculated that the priests maintain a balance between positively- and negatively-charged forces on Earth in some obscure interest of their own survival, rather than pure benevolence toward mankind. (Carnacki: the Ghost-Finder)

Keeper Comments

  • For best results, avoid employing the Priests of Raaee and the Raaee themselves in a "deus ex-machina" capacity, coming to the investigator's rescue too easily, even for a "Cthulhu-Lite" game.
  • The source material treated these entities as benevolent, if distant, benefactors to mankind - ascended masters who can be consulted or invoked in time of need against threats too strong for natural, material humanity to repel alone. However, there is no reason to stick too faithfully to the source material: the priests and/or the entities they serve may have ulterior motives for assisting humanity, and it is possible that their intervention does not come without strings attached....