Adoradores de Cthulhu

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Adoradores de Cthulhu


Publisher: Rocky Raccoon

Product Code/SKU: ?


Year: 2013?

Designer(s): Helio Greca

Artist(s): ?

Number of Players: 6 to 18 players

Estimated Playing Time: ?

Recommended Ages: ?

Expansions: None

Other Editions: None


From the publisher's web site (in Portugese):

Adoradores de Cthulhu é um party game para 6 a 18 jogadores com arte inspirada nas revistas pulp onde HP Lovecraft publicou originalmente suas histórias. Extremamente interativo e social, é um jogo que levará seus participantes a argumentar, blefar e discutir para ocultar sua verdadeira identidade ou revelar os seguidores de um culto maligno - antes de se tornar uma de suas vítimas...

Translated into English by Google Chrome

Cthulhu Worshipers is a party game for 6-18 players with art inspired by pulp magazines where HP Lovecraft originally published his stories. Extremely interactive and social, is a game that will take its participants to argue, bluffing and discuss to hide their true identity or revealing the followers of an evil cult - before becoming one of his victims ...

Comments / Trivia

This game is only available in Portugese. There is no English translation.

The title translates as "Worshipers of Cthulhu" or "Cthulhu Worshipers."

This game is modeled after the party game Mafia (also known as Werewolf.)

Not to be confused with other Cthulhu Mythos-themed variations on Werewolf/Mafia such as Do You Worship Cthulhu?, Arkham Nights, or Are You the Cultist? (Party Edition).