Africa's Dark Sects

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Africa's Dark Sects is the title of a fictional volume which first appeared in the Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign.


Africa's Dark Sects is a compilation of the notes left by the English born anthropologist and self proclaimed explorer Nigel Blackwell. It details the religious rituals and ceremonies performed by West African natives.


The longest section of the book is dedicated to The Cult of the Bloody Tongue and their barbaric magical rites. Blackwell describes with disturbing vividness the way the high priests sacrifice victims to their god. A description of The Mountain of the Black Wind is allso given in the same chapter. The Spiraling Worm Cult within the Belgian Congo is frequently mentioned, though the description is often vague and guarded as Blackwell himself never penetrated that particular cult.

Other subjects mentioned include leopard man societies, the gruesome voodoo-like ceremonies employed by a secretive cult in Nigeria, a proto human race of gorillas in the Congo and a complex ritual supposedly used to raise and command zombies. The auther allso referances Sir Wade Jermyn's Observations on Several Parts of Africa.


After the book's publication was halted most of the printed copies were destroyed as per the orders of the Blackwell estate. However at least thirteen copies survived destruction. The majority are in private hands though Havard University holds a copy as does the National library in Port-au-Prince, the McMillan collection and the University library at Oxford.

Roll Playing Game Stats

Sanity Loss 1D5/1D10; Cthulhu Mythos + 6 Percent. Average 1 week to study and comprehend/12 hours to skim.