Against the Flame

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Publisher: Unbound Publishing

Product Code: ?

Announce Date: September 2013

Expected Publication Date: Late 2014 (delayed due to family illness)

Project Status: On hold

Expected Page Count: ?

Author(s): Marcus D. Bone

Artist(s): Domagoj Rapcak, Ashley Jones

Setting(s): Classic Era/Great War (1917) England

Format(s): PDF



A Call of Cthulhu Mini-Campaign set during the Great War.

Against the Flame is an investigative adventure set in England during the height of the Great War. With an old friend or colleague dead, it is up to the Investigators to discover just what he was up to... before it is too late.

Consists of five chapters (and an appendix):

  • Introduction
  • A Death in Lincoln
  • Leads in London
  • The Northwich Wyrm
  • Followers of the Flame
  • Appendix: NPC

Campaigns: Against the Flame

Front Cover Text

Back Cover Text

James Croot, your old friend or mentor is dead. But just what was the old man up to, and why did he say to his niece that 'all that he had done was for the best' just before he died?

In Against the Flame, a mini-campaign in the style of Tim Wiseman’s Tatters of the King, you will have a chance to find out…

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Written for Call of Cthulhu 6th edition.


Details of the Mini-campaign to be released on the Unbound Publishing website

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Against the Flame attempts to explore what a powerful cult might really want to achieve if it existed, and intersects this with a mystery resulting from simpler desires.