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Allan Halsey is a fictional character of the Cthulhu Mythos created by H.P. Lovecraft in his story Herbert West - Reanimator.


Dr. Allan Halsey was the dean of the Miskatonic University Medical School before 1900 until his death during the Arkham typhoid epidemic on August 14th 1903. His work with sick patients during the epidemic was especially distinguished, and he helped many who other physicians refused to treat. His funeral at the Christchurch Cemetery on the 15th of August 1903 was attended by most of the students and faculty of the University. He also received wreaths from grateful towns people.

Mysterious Reappearance

The night after Dr. Halsey's funeral on August 16th a series of brutal killings commenced starting at the Christchurch Cemetery. A watchman at the cemetery was clawed to death, by what many believed was a large beast. A circus owner visiting Bolton was questioned but swore no beasts had escaped.

The killing in the cemetery was followed the next night by the death of fourteen more, and an almost cannibalistic destruction of three bodies of typhoid victims around Arkham.

The third night police set up volunteer telephone stations to track the beast. The frantic searchers were called to the college district and managed to capture the creature. It had managed to take two more victims. The creature, described by many as a large hairless white ape, was stopped by a non fatal bullet.

Terribly the beast turned out to be a man, and even worse, once cleaned, it appeared to be Dr. Allan Hallsey. Many connect this "resurrection" with student Herbert West who had often quarreled with Dr. Hallsey about the possibilities of reanimating the dead through the use of certain chemicals. Dr. Hallsey was taken and locked up at the Sefton Asylum.

Sixteen years later several strange men attempted to claim custody of Dr. Hallsey and, being refused, killed several wardens. The group of men and the doctor were never seen again.


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