Alone Against the Wendigo

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Front Cover

Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code: 2311

Publishing Year: 1985

Pages: 64

Cover Price: $?

Author: Glenn Rahman

Artists: Dan Day, David Day

"Nadelmanns" by M. M. Roessner-Herman

Special thanks for debugging to Jeff Okamoto

Silhouette, last page by Tom Sullivan

Setting: 1920s

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 0-933635-25-7


Scenario: Alone Against the Wendigo

Additional: Introduction

Front Cover Text

Solitaire Adventure in Canada's Wilds

Back Cover Text


  • Special Fold-Out for Easy Use.
  • Modified Investigator Sheets for Your Nadelmanns
  • 654 Entries -- Many Sub-Adventures and Final Outcomes
  • Trace Numbers for Convenient Backtracking

Deep in the Big Woods of Canada, you canoe up the "River of Power," the mysterious North Hanninah, in search of the unknown. An anthropologist, you have brought your best students, and an Indian guide. It will take all of your combined skills, ingenuity, and luck if any of you are to survive after daring the forces of the North.

ALONE AGAINST THE WENDIGO is a deadly solo adventure for CALL OF CTHULHU role-players. In it you become L.C. Nadelmann, dashing young professor from Miskatonic U.

Characteristics for all the expedition members are specified, as are the skills for your player-companions. You allot the skill points for Dr. Nadelmann at the start of each attempt to uncover the secrets of the mysterious valley.

The final tally of your Hanninah Mythos points determines relative success of each trip to the valley, but the real success is in just surviving -- for the fame and fortune so deservedly yours, so tantalizingly out of reach, is sternly guarded by unfathomable entities.

Life is risky, alone against the wendigo.

Comments / Trivia

This module was also released in German as Allein gegen den Wendigo.

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