Alone Against the Wendigo (Solo Scenario)

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Front Cover

Pages: 64

Author(s): Glenn Rahman

Artist(s): Dan Day, David Day

Setting: 1920s

Appears in: Alone Against the Wendigo.


Deep in the Big Woods of Canada, you canoe up the "River of Power," the mysterious North Hanninah, in search of the unknown. An anthropologist, you have brought your best students, and an Indian guide. It will take all of your combined skills, ingenuity, and luck if any of you are to survive after daring the forces of the North.


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Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


The Investigator is a professor leading a Miskatonic University expedition into a remote part of Canada, the Hanninah valley. The scenario allows a great deal of freedom about the degree of exploration involved, and some areas can only be accessed by random die rolls. A variety of animals, strange creatures and Mythos entities may encounter the party, including Ithaqua. The player decides how far to push their luck in search of knowledge and the rewards discovery can bring.


Player Handouts: List the player handouts here.

Locations: The Hanninah valley

Creatures: Mi-Go, sasquatch, witch, Ithaqua, wolves, vampire, puk-woogies


Keeper Comments

Includes extended rules on survival tasks like swimming and boating.

The scenario is dangerous, and features some quite graphic violence, which may be unsuitable for young readers.

The randomness of the original game means some areas can be inaccessible regardless of planning.