Amalantrah Manuscript

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Amalantrah Manuscript, AKA "The Book of the Abyss"

Origin: (inspired by occultist Aleister Crowley)


A magickal work composed during the "Amalantrah Working" ritual performed by occultist Aleister Crowley, attributed to the alien entity Lam, a spirit conjured into physical being at the threshold of a hole ripped through time-space by the working. The infamous sorcerer and cult leader would spend an exhaustive three days in interrogating the spirit "Lam" before releasing it back into the Astral Plane it had emerged from; the notes from that interrogation would form the bulk of the Tome.

1938 Illustrated Limited Edition

Language: English

Physical Description: this sole edition was of 20 limited-edition signed and numbered copies bound in Morocco leather and printed on pre-wartime paper, each with a set of surreal colour plates in the evocative style of Tarot cards depicting the scenery of the Astral Plane as envisioned by Aleister Crowley based on the spirit Lam's descriptions.

General Content: The work describes a surreal, allegorical "Geography of the Abyss" between Earth's solar system and the alien world from which the spirit "Lam" originated, by way of the Astral Plane, including important "landmarks" and other points of interest marking the way between worlds, as well as locations in the interstellar Astral Plane to be avoided, along with a brief catalogue of the alien spirits, both harmless and malevolent, that people the route between worlds, such as the "Witch-Dragon who walks the shadows of the Abyss beyond the far-off house of Pluto, in the wise and true Dreamland of the philosophers, of the palace of our knowledge." The book also contains a detailed description of Lam's home world, an in-depth description of the mystical, moral, and ethical beliefs of that world, and their matter-of-fact obedience to a god-serpent ruler over their world which Crowley identified with the "Serpent of Eden, Tempter and Inspiration of Enlightenment and Love in Man - Love Under Will".

Number of known copies (if rare): Originally 20 limited-edition signed-and-numbered copies; some of these were known to have been lost in book burnings during the European chaos of the 1930s and 1940s; it is estimated that fewer than a dozen copies survived the 20th Century.

Last known location of surviving copies (if rare): A few copies are presumed to still be accessible in private occult libraries in England, continental Europe, and possibly the United States, though the copy in the U.S. known to have been in possession of the magician and serial killer the Great Garibaldi disappeared before his trial and is presumed lost.

Mythos Content

Spells: A few references to spells relating to Dreaming and Dream manipulation.

  • Sanity Loss: minimal
  • Mythos Knowledge: minimal
  • Occult Knowledge: minimal

Associated Mythos Elements

Contains allegorical references to such topics as...



Heresies and Controversies

Keeper Notes