An Inquiry Into the Hermetic Mysteries, With Dissertations on the More Celebrated of the Alchemical Philosophers

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A Suggestive Inquiry Into the Hermetic Mystery, With a Dissertation on the More Celebrated of the Alchemical Philosophers, Being an Attempt Towards the Recovery of the Ancient Experiment of Nature is a real book that made an appearance in the scenario The Asylum.


Mary Anne South was the daughter of hermetic poet Thomas South, who financed the publication of this book in 1850. South didn't read the manuscript, and only finally read the book after publication at which point he became convinced that his daughter had revealed hermetic secrets best kept hidden. He attempted to buy up all copies and burn them to keep the secrets out of the hands of the uninitiated. As a result, the work is relatively rare. It was republished in 1918, and was influential in promoting the spiritual interpretation of alchemy in the modern era.

Role Playing Game Stats

First Edition

Sanity -1D3, Cthulhu Mythos +2 percent, Occult +5 percent

Seventh Edition

Occult +3 percent