Anglo-Zanzibar War

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The world's shortest war, the Anglo-Zanzibar War, began at 0900 local time on 27 August 1896 and ended forty-five minutes later. The war began when Khalid bin Bargash seized power after the death of his uncle, Hamad bin Thuwaini. Unfortunately, bin Bargash was not the British's first choice for a replacement. That honor belonged to Hamud bin Muhammed, with whom the British felt it would be easier to work. The British then ordered bin Bargash to abdicate, but he refused. As the Sultan assembled a ragtag army, the British sailed warships into the harbor, prepared Royal Marine landing parties and issued an ultimatum. When the ultimatum ran out the shelling began. Within forty-five minutes, the Sultan surrendered and accepted asylum from the German consulate.

Rumors that Sultan bin Bargash had ties to The Cult of the Bloody Tongue are so far unsubstantiated.