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Some (or all) of the information on this page was started by a (well meaning) fanatical cultist,
but was never completed, and appears to have been abandoned.  Please help complete it if you are able!
See this YSDC Forum discussion for details on how you can help:  (link)

Problem logged on:  Feb 19, 2017
The specific problem is:  ToDo (More details may be found on the Discussion Page.)

The Animiculi are from Beyond the Mountains of Madness.

It was dark, pitch black, almost painful to watch. More a shape than a volume, it looked like a hole, cut in the very fabric of space itself. And it was moving, growing and absorbing new arms and other appendices as it shifted between walking, crawling and oozing and god knows what else!

Sometimes, the shapes were almost animal: rat, dog, penguin... as if it collectively remembered its previous victims and tried to imitate them.

And it was cold, so cold..."

- Excerpt from the "Beyond the Mountains of Madness" Call of Cthulhu (RPG) campaign.