Arkham Horror (1st Edition)

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This article is about the first edition of the board game. For other uses of Arkham Horror, please see Arkham Horror (Disambiguation)

Arkham Horror (1st Edition)


Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code/SKU: 1050

ISBN: 0-933635-46-X

Year: 1987

Designer(s): Richard Launius, Lynn Willis, Charlie Krank

Artist(s): ?

Number of Players: 1 to 8 players

Estimated Playing Time: 120 to 180 minutes

Suggested Ages: 12 +

Expansions: None

Other Editions: Arkham Horror (2nd Edition)


From the back of the box:

The year is 1926, and strange things are happening in Arkham, Massachussetts - a town with a sinister past. Strange lights glow in the graveyard. A local citizen has vanished without a trace. Hear the odd fluting in the woods? The people of Arkham are near panic and only you, brave investigators, can rescue them from unimaginable evil.

Arkham Horror is playable by up to 8 people. As fearless investigators, the players seek to uncover the strange events and stranger beings behind the placid facade of this New England town. Duty and fortune may separate the investigators. Injury, mental shock, or magic can affect or remove them from the game.

The arcane powers of the Cthulhu Mythos, a sinister amalgam of alien beings and human cultists, have come to Earth by means of magical gates. If the investigators destroy these gates before the space-time continuum is irrevocably strained, then the players win. If too many gates open, the players lose, and Arkham is overrun.

Exploring its streets, buildings, woods, and parks, the investigators meet helpful and hindering people, find magic-laden books, and discover, trade for, or purchase helpful items.

No player loses unless all the players lose, nor is any player eliminated from the game before it ends: losing one investigator, another is chosen, and play renewed.

Comments / Trivia

Part of the Call of Cthulhu line of products.

Not to be confused with Arkham Terror or Cthulhu Horror, both unrelated games.