Arkham Investigator

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Arkham Investigator (Version 1)
Arkham Investigator (Version 2)


Publisher: Self-Published

Product Code/SKU: None

ISBN: None

Year: 2013

Designer(s): Hal Eccles

Number of Players: 1 or more players

Estimated Playing Time:

Expansions: None

Other Editions: Mythos Tales


Welcome to H.P. Lovecraft's Arkham, the 1920s. There will be many mysteries to uncover in this storytelling game of Lovecraftian terror. Using the provided newspaper, a list of allies, the directory of Arkham residents and a map of Arkham - your job is to follow the clues from location to location, suspect to suspect - to unravel the mystery and answer the questions posed at the end of each scenario.

Your score will depend upon the number of clues points you needed to visit, the risks you took to your sanity in your investigations and your ability to find the correct answers to the questions.

Match wits with Armitage's final score the man who has been exposed to the sanity-blasting truth about the existence of the age old evil! Can you beat his score?

With that in mind it is time to collaborate with Armitage’s investigations to complete your training. This is not a typical board game: No dice, no luck, but a challenge to your mental ability.

Comments / Trivia

The working title of Arkham Investigator was Arkham: Consulting Detective.

This game was modeled after the 1980's game Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, although they are not officially connected.

Arkham Investigator was a print-and-play game, with the game made available in PDF format and printed by players.

Arkham Investigator had one case, A Grain of Evil, included with the core game. A second case, The King Cometh, was subsequently released.

The first edition of Arkham Investigator had two versions (with different covers) before the Kickstarter for the second edition, retitled Mythos Tales.