Arkham Terror

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Arkham Terror


Publisher: Hamster Press


ISBN: 0-97294-871-6

Publishing Year: 2004

Pages: 96

Cover Price: $14.95

Author: Chris Engle

System: Engle Matrix Games

Format: Varies (see Comments)




Front Cover Text

A horror game set in Arkham Asylum.

A horror Matrix game by Chris Engle

Back Cover Text

Don't Open the Door!

Welcome to Arkham Asylum. Clearly you are in need of a rest. Seeing things in the dark, are we? Hearing evil voices in your head? We can help you with these. All you have to so (sic) is open this door ...

Arkham Terror is a horror game where the insane residents of a psychiatric hospital get the save the world from the Great Old One - Cthulhu!

This is a Matrix Game, so literally anything can happen. The players tell the story by making up what they want to have happen next!

Also Featured

Cthulhu in Class

What would happen if you built a High School on top of a cosmic convergence? Well, in Arkham they did just that!

Welcome back to school Mr. Cthulhu ...

Comments / Trivia

Arkham Terror appears to have been published as a paperback book (2004), a hardcover book (2005), in a Ziplock format (whatever that means) (2007) and in a boxed format (2012). It's not clear if these are just differences in binding, or if there were other changes as well. This page is an amalgamation of information about the game from some or all of the formats.

Hamster Press has also published Arkham Terror: Experimental Therapy, the board game version of this role-playing game with nearly identical mechanics.

Not to be confused with Arkham Horror, an unrelated game.


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