Arkham Terror: Experimental Therapy

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Arkham Terror: Experimental Therapy


Publisher: Hamster Press

Product Code/SKU: HMS10384000


Year: 2009

Designer(s): Chris Engel

Artist(s): ?

Number of Players: 2 to 10 players

Estimated Playing Time: 120 minutes

Recommended Ages: Ages 13 +

Expansions: None

Other Editions: None


From the back of the box:

Insanity! Mandess! Weird Science!

What is Dr. Karlow up to now?

Horror in an insane asylum. What's not to love?

Imagine you are Dr. Young. You throw down a coin to buy the right to say what happens next. Make up what you find in Karlov's lab. Now pick another player to be your referee. As referee you decide how likely an action is to happen. Is it likely? Unlikely? Dr. Young then rolls to find out if the discovery becomes a fact. Bit by bit the terror is revealed. It's real time storytelling.

Comments / Trivia

Arkham Terror: Experimental Therapy is one of Hamster Games' Engle Matrix Games (a formula for a style of game, not a specific game.) It is not necessary to have any other game to play this game.

Hamster Press has also published Arkham Terror, the role-playing game version of this boardgame with nearly identical mechanics.

Players must provide their own dice.

Not to be confused with Arkham Horror, an unrelated game, or any of its many expansions.