Baggage Check (Scenario)

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The Unbound Book, Issue 1

Pages: 8

Author(s): Bret Kramer

Artist(s): Michael D. Bone, Matt Cowens, Dan Fougere

Setting: 1920s

Appears in: The Unbound Book, Issue 1.


Somehow the Investigators luggage has been swapped for someone else's, can they find it before their journey continues.


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Player Handouts: Picture of Canopic Jar, Information on Canopic Jars, Inscription on Canopic Jar, Quotation from Aegypten Magie und zauberi im alten gypten, Quotation from The Worshippers of Fire, Quotation from De Vermis Mysteriis, Newspaper article describing the theft of artifacts for auction, Newspaper article describing a strange murder,

Locations: N/A

Creatures: Cultists, Fire Vampire

Tomes and Artifacts: Roman and Egyptian Coins, Papyrus Scrolls, Canopic Jar


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