Baron Hauptman

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Baron Hauptman is a fictional sorcerer and nobleman who first appeared in The Fungi from Yuggoth/Curse of Cthulhu/Day of the Beast campaign. it is unknown if Hauptman is his actual name or the name of his title.


The Baron is extremely sadistic and enjoys seeing others in pain. This flaw in his otherwise rational nature has allmost cost him his life on ocasion. For unknown reasons he is favored by the Great Old One Nyogtha. He was maintained his life over the centuries by using the Mind Exchange spell to transfer himself into the bodies of younger victims. Despite his desire to maintain secrecy Hauptman has added in the production of two mythos tomes. Once 1542 in where he added Ludvig Prinn in smuggling the De Vermis Mysteriis out of his cell on the eve of execution and once in 1586 when he allowed Doctor John Dee to make an english translation from his Greek copy of the Necronomicon.

Due to his great age and extensive travels Hauptman is fluent in many different languages including: Arabic, Khemetic Arabic, Classic Greek, English, French, German, Hieroglyphics, Latin, Romanian, Mandarin Chinese, Russian. Like Lang Fu he may allso have the ability to read R'lyeh Glyphs


During the one of the Crusades Huaptman visited India and learnt powerful magic from an ancient holy man. It is unknown if Hauptman possessed any magical knowledge before this encounter. He spent the next century seeking out and studying magical knowledge. In the twelfth century the Baron traveled to the east and settled for a time at the city of Damascus. It as here where he met the undying sorcerer Lang Fu who showed him the prophecy outlining the rebirth of Nophru Ka. The two banded together and began to form the organisation that would become known as the Brotherhood of the Beast. Together they brought back the descendants of Nophru Ka and watched their bloodline down the centuries hoping to find the reincarnation of Nophru Ka. Allthrought his time the Baron has personally made and kept records of these bloodlines. In 1628 where the Baron was forced to feel from his stronghold in Romania when the inhabitants of a nearby village rose up against him. It was not until over a century later that he was able to return.

In 1890 he traveled to America to meet with the young Edward Chandler. The Baron took The young Master Edward under his wing and later that year they returned to Europe together. For the next seven years the Baron tutuered the young boy in the magical arts required to for fill the prophecy and bring about the Day of the Beast. When Edward reached the age of sixteen the Baron took him to the Great Library of Celaeno to study even more powerful magics.