Black Tome of Alsophocus

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Origin: "The Black Tome of Alsophocus (fiction)", by H.P. Lovecraft and Martin S. Warnes


The Black Tome of Alsophocus of Erongill, a prehistoric tome by Alsophocus

Latin Translation

Language: Latin translation from a far more ancient source by an unknown translator, c. A.D. 200

Physical Description:

There was a formula - a sort of list of things to say and do - which I recognised as something black and forbidden; something which I had read of before in furtive paragraphs of mixed abhorrence and fascination penned by those strange ancient delvers into the universe's guarded secrets whose decaying texts I loved to absorb. It was a key - a guide - to certain gateways and transitions of which mystics have dreamed and whispered since the race was young, and which lead to freedoms and discoveries beyond the three dimensions and realms of life and matter that we know. Not for centuries had any man recalled its vital substance or known where to find it, but this book was very old indeed. No printing-press, but the hand of some half-crazed monk, had traced these ominous Latin phrases in uncials of awesome antiquity.
- "The Book",

General Content: A legendary manuscript written centuries ago by the great necromancer Alsophocus, who lived in the land of Erongill before ever modern man ever had taken his first uncertain steps upon the earth. The tome contains the secrets of the Shining Trapezohedron, describes the Call of Cthulhu, includes enough information for a sorcerer to learn how to travel through astral projection to Sharnoth where Nyarlathotep dwells....

Number of known copies (if rare):

Last known location of surviving copies (if rare):

Mythos Content

Spells: Keeper's Discretion (suggested: Gate, Contact Nyarlathotep)

  • Sanity Loss: 1d6/2d6
  • Mythos Knowledge: 10% - 37 weeks



Heresies and Controversies

Keeper Notes