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Scenarios that take place in or around the Parisian Belle Époque ("Era of Beauty" - basically, Galight Paris), an period of history of the city between the years 1871 to 1914 marked by cultural expression, inspiration and excellence, often anchored around the city's Salon scenes (effectively informal but highly influential clubs for the discussion and development of art, technology and science, politics, philosophy, mysticism and the occult, and other such subjects), cafe's, and coffee and Absinthe houses. Paris became a sort of "who's who" of the movers and shakers of the era, and this period drew a great deal of international interest in Parisian culture through the turn of the century, with many young authors, artists, musicians, philosophers, political revolutionaries, mystics, and inventors of the era making pilgrimages to Paris to meet with intellectuals and aesthetes from around the world and study art, politics and science, and other subjects together among the Parisian masters of such subjects.

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