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This category collects scenarios with moderate Mythos content. They might include local or widespread cults, significant numbers of lesser Mythos entities, or small numbers of more powerful creatures. Investigators might encounter tomes containing a fair amount of Mythos knowledge and spells, but probably not the Necronomicon or other major texts. They might encounter or use magical artefacts or substances, sorcerers and spells. Very powerful entities (like Great Old Ones), artefacts or tomes, and magic probably don't play a large role.

If the scenario includes several of these elements (suggesting world-spanning and eons-long machinations) or otherwise reveals more about the nature of reality than individual elements might suggest, it may be appropriate to promote it to the Mythos-heavy category. Conversely, if investigators encounter a lot of weirdness but are unlikely to learn much from it, it may be appropriate to place consider it as Mythos-light.

As a rule of thumb, if you might have to roll a d20 or higher for SAN loss, it's probably Mythos-heavy.