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Collections of unrelated, typically shorter films. Sometimes, these are explicitly Lovecraftian film collections, containing multiple stories based more or less directly on Lovecraft's work, sometimes with mixed or even decidedly misguided results. In some cases, these are general horror, science-fiction, and/or dark fantasy themed television series, which actually include a couple stories directly inspired by Lovecraft and/or one of the first-generation "Lovecraft Circle" of writers, or by some of Lovecraft's later imitators. In most cases, these are anthology television series that may or may not include any direct Lovecraft references, but might still have some content of less direct interest to Lovecraft fans, with stories that are at least vaguely similar in tone to Lovecraft's work, or easily adaptable into Call of Cthulhu RPG stories. In a couple cases, there are low-budget film festival collections of contributions made by amateur film makers.

In general, these anthologies will be a VERY mixed bag, ranging from stories that are not even vaguely Lovecraftian, to stories that are remotely similar in tone, to parodies of Lovecraftian horror, to very loose adaptations, to original work in the same spirit, to the rare more or less faithful adaptation, with quality ranging from hideously low-quality and terribly misguided fan parodies up to polished products from established film makers. Patient viewers may find some real treasures by sifting through these anthologies, though they may have to "separate a lot of chaff from the wheat", and for these viewers, the journey of seeking lost treasures in obscure anthology collections may be more fun than the destination, but wherever possible, the Anthology TV series pages will include a list of suggested episodes to help the connoisseurs of Lovecraftian films with little time on their hands find what they are looking for a little more quickly, while the Anthology Films pages will include a list of all stories included in the film wherever possible.

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