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Madness and mental hospitals are an inextricable part of our image of "Lovecraftian" horror, thanks partly to Lovecraft's use of sanity-shaking truths and work in the Gothic tradition of unreliable narrators telling their bizarre stories while confined in institutions and stories in which madness represents a form of the symbolic decay that permeates Gothic literature. The use of a Sanity game mechanic in the Call of Cthulhu (RPG) may well have permanently seated madness and mental hospitals as a central theme of "Lovecraftian" horror.

Trivia: Dementophobia, maniaphobia, or agateophobia is the fear of madness or going insane (the terms might be used interchangeably, though dementophobia implies a fear of losing one's mind, maniaphobia implies a fear of being caught up in madness, and agateophobia is a general fear of insanity or the insane); iatrophobia is a fear of doctors; nosocomephobia is a fear of hospitals.

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