Challenge, Issue 43

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Front Cover

Magazine: Challenge

Publisher: GDW

Product Code: ####

Publishing Year: 1990

Pages: 96

Cover Price: $3.25 (US)

Editor: Michelle Sturgeon

Authors: Marcus L. Rowland, Loren K. Wiseman, Wesley Kawata, Christopher S. Willoughby, Philip Athans, Tad Ringo, Lester W. Smith, Dr. Michael C. LaBossiere, C. W. Hess, Clay Johanson, Pete Rogan, John W. Wrbanek, Paul Kidd

Artists: Frank Frazetta (Cover), Timothy Bradstreet, Rick Harris, Dell Harris, Radley Masinelli, Mischa McDowell, Allen Nunnis, Kurt Cagle, Janet Auliso, Phil Morrissey

Format: Softcover


Scenarios: A Souvenir of Mars (Pgs 48 & 49)

Articles: Cthulhu 1889 (Pgs 44 - 49)

Additional: Introduction

Comments / Trivia

Issue article is a hybrid setting created by Marcus L. Rowland to allow the combining of Call of Cthulhu with Space 1899, incorporating a detailed scenario outline along with rules for converting characters from one game system to the other.


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