Dairen, avant-poste japonais

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Front cover

Translated Title: Dairen, Japanese outpost

Pages: 29

Author: Samuel Tarapacki

Artist: Vintage photographs, Loïc Muzy

Editor(s): Christophe Ployon, Isabelle Donné

Setting: September 1931, Dallian, Manchuria, China

Appears in: Les 5 supplices, Livret 4

Campaign: Les 5 supplices


The investigators arrive in Dairen under Japanese military occupation. They must navigate the tense political scene while seeking information on how to find the master tattoo artist they seek.

Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
The investigators arrive at the Chinese port city of Dairen, entry point to Manchuria, en route to a northern town called Bayuquan. There, they hope to find someone who can help them find Agaï Chen, the tattoo master they must reach before the soccer Sayk Fong Lee does. However, Dairen is in the hands of the Japanese Empire, a political situation that complicates matters. Their attempts to gain access to the area beyond the city put them onto the path of a Japanese secret society called the Black Ocean, led by the Japanese spy Tsatoba and his Shen De ("Fish that Walk"—Deep Ones) minions, who hold one of Sayk Fong Lee's monstrous creatures prisoner.

Player Handouts

  • La carte de la région de Dairen (map of the Dairen region)
  • La carte de la ville (city map)
  • Formulaire d'entrée dans le territoire (entry form for the territory)
  • Le dépliant d'information sur Dairen (extrait) (information leaflet about Dairen [excerpt])
  • Journal L’Aurore asiatique (extrait) (The Asian Dawn newspaper [excerpt])
  • Divinations pâtissières (fortune-cookie fortunes)
  • Laissez-passer de Georges Guédon (Georges Guédon's passport)


Creatures & Entities:

  • Marchand Ambulant (avatar of the Rançonneur de Droit Divin [Ransomer of Divine Right])
  • Shen De (Deep Ones)
  • Captif de Dairen (the Captive of Dairen)


  • l'Océan Noir (Black Ocean)

Tomes and Artifacts:

Campaigns / Scenarios: Les 5 supplices


Keeper Comments