Dark Brotherhood of the Edge of Darkness

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Origin: scenario "Edge of Darkness"

Short Description: A small group of friends led by Marion Allen, playfully calling themselves "The Dark Brotherhood", began meeting in the early spring of 1881 to conduct half-hearted, amateurish, and generally ineffective occult experiments.

History and Scope

Identification, Psychology and Behavior


Tomes, Artifacts, Sites

Allies, Creatures and Deities

  • Human Cultists
    • Robert Menkin, died March 1882 in Ross' Corners of a broken neck gained in a freak carriage accident
    • Harold Copley, died August 1882 in Danvers Asylum after a bout of madness incurred when Robert Menkin died earlier that year
    • Marion Allen, unofficial cult leader, murdered under mysterious circumstances in Arkham in August 1883
    • Crawford Harris, died July 1915
    • Cecil James, died March 1924
    • Rupert Merriweather, died during "Edge of Darkness" scenario in 1928

Other Resources

  • (resource)

Heresies and Controversies

  • Marion Allen may have been involved in some mysterious way with the Chapel of Contemplation cult. ("Edge of Darkness")
  • There may have been other members of the "Dark Brotherhood" who were not present at the ritual performed in "Edge of Darkness".
  • The "Dark Brotherhood" may have conducted other botched experiments and had other occult misadventures, leaving a trail of problems to clean up in their wake. (fan theory)
  • After the events of 1882, the "Dark Brotherhood" may have made occasional, half-hearted attempts at Mythos investigation, to try to keep Mythos artifacts out of the hands of those who might abuse them, and interfere with other cultists; these efforts may have gotten Marion Allen murdered; the Dark Brotherhood may thus have accumulated a small collection of Mythos tomes and artifacts, as well as clues to further occult investigations in various states of completion and neglect, and a small number of cultist enemies. (fan theory)

Keeper Comments

  • The "Dark Brotherhood" could be used as framing device for a small campaign involving that assumes the "cult" has been involved in a number of half-baked occult and/or anti-Mythos misadventures that the investigators could follow-up on, cleaning up any other failed experiments and other problems left behind by the group.