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Call of Cthulhu Writer & Illustrator

David Witteveen Writer and illustrator.

David Witteveen is a fantasy and horror writer based in Melbourne, Australia. He has been published by Shadowed Realms, Opi8.com and Pagan Publishing, and wrote and drew the Death By Music minicomics. He also won the Best Flash Fiction award in the Australian Horror Writers Association's 2005 Short Story Competition. His first Cthulhu Mythos tale "Ache" will appear in the anthology Hardboiled Cthulhu.

David’s first published Call of Cthulhu scenario was Devil's Children, Pagan Publishing’s first professionally bound full colour-cover book, co-written with David Conyers and David Godley, and released in 1993.

He also wrote and presented Call of Cthulhu supplements at Melbourne gaming conventions with fellow writers David Conyers, Richard Watts, Mark Morrison and Penelope Love in the mid-1990s.

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