Delta Green: Eyes Only (Omnibus)

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Front Cover

Publisher: Pagan Publishing

Product Code: 1013

Publishing Year: 2007 (hardback limited edition), 2008 (more widely available edition)

Pages: 264

Cover Price: $39.95

Author(s): Dennis Detwiller, Adam Scott Glancy, Shane Ivey

Artist(s): Dennis Detwiller (cover), Todd Shearer

Setting(s): Modern, Delta Green

Format(s): Hardcover, Softcover

ISBN: 1-887797-29-7


This omnibus collects together the material published in three previous Delta Green chapbooks,

  1. Delta Green Eyes Only, Vol. 1: Machinations of the Mi-Go
  2. Delta Green Eyes Only, Vol. 2: The Fate
  3. Delta Green Eyes Only, Vol. 3: Project Rainbow

Unlike the chapbook editions, which were only sold via Pagan's online store, this collected work has been more broadly distributed via other channels.

An alien conspiracy 160 million years in the making.

A group so powerful, their leader may be a god.

An accident so terrible it threatens the past, present and future.

To DELTA GREEN, it’s just another Night at the Opera.

For the first time, all three of Dennis Detwiller's legendary DELTA GREEN: EYES ONLY chapbooks are collected into one deluxe hardcover volume.

Published by Pagan Publishing and packaged and distributed by Arc Dream Publishing, DELTA GREEN: EYES ONLY is the book the CALL OF CTHULHU world has been waiting for.

DELTA GREEN: EYES ONLY was produced in a limited run of 1,000 copies by Arc Dream Publishing and Pagan Publishing.

  • "Machinations of the Mi-Go" deals exclusively with the Fungi from Yuggoth. Written by Pagan Publishing's resident Mi-Go expert, it contains extensive information on Mi-Go technology and surgical procedures, their history of dealing with humankind, life on other planets, spells, and their most infamous plot: the so-called "Greys" of UFO folklore.

The New York Occult Underground explodes with "The Fate," an in-depth look at Stephen Alzis, the Fate, the Network, and much more. It includes extensive secret histories, character descriptions, new spells, new Mythos tomes, a guide for playing characters in the Fate, and other nefarious topics.

"Project Rainbow" takes a staple of conspiracy fiction, the Philadelphia Project, and brings it seamlessly into the Cthulhu Mythos. Stealth technology meets the Tillinghast Resonator with nightmarish results.

"Tradecraft" details several issues faced by Delta Green agents and friendlies in the field, from Green Boxes and communications security to hacking, interrogation and the emotional toll of murder.

"A Night on Owlshead Mountain" is a Delta Green adventure that pits investigators against the deadly, lingering aftereffects of Mi-Go activity in rural Vermont.

In "Holy War," investigators attempt to unravel the world's most dangerous occult conspiracy in the months just after 9/11/01.

"Artifact Zero" is a mind-blowing time-travel scenario in which Delta Green investigators explore the technologies behind the Philadelphia Project, and put far more than their lives and souls at risk.

"Policing Millennial NYC" details law enforcement agencies and facilities in the New York City area around the turn of the millennium.

Scenarios: A Night on Owlshead Mountain, Holy War, Artifact Zero

Front Cover Text

A Call of Cthulhu Sourcebook of Modern Horror and Conspiracy from Pagan Publishing

"They'll come again. Have come before. Once upon a yesterday."

Back Cover Text

Are you cleared for this?

For eighty years Delta Green has fought to protect humanity by uneearthing evils older than the world itself. You violated every law to save people who'll never know you exist. You took down fanatics who worshipped horror incarnate. You dug up truths that all the powers of government and magic tried to conceal.

You're about to wish you'd left well enough alone.

Delta Green: Eyes Only digs deep into the worm-ridden heart of modern power. Uncover its secrets and you'll see why people kill to keep them hidden.

  • Machinations of the Mi-Go explores the history, goals and science of the Fungi from Yuggoth, including the plot that shaped the American government for decades.
  • The New York occult underground exlplodes with The Fate, an in-depth look at Stephen Alzis and his servants and enemies, including new Cthulhu Mythos tomes and a guide to playing characters in the Network.
  • Project Rainbow brings a staple of conspiracy fiction, the Philadelphia Experiment, seamlessly into the Mythos- stealth technology meets the Tillinghast Resonator with nightmarish results.

Comments / Trivia

This book was co-produced by Pagan Publishing and Arc Dream Publishing (and was mainly distributed via the latter's web store)


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