Do You Worship Cthulhu?

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Do You Worship Cthulhu?


Publisher: Toy Vault

Product Code/SKU: 12514TOY

ISBN: None

Year: 2006

Designer(s): David Huston, John Huston

Artist(s): Ron Spencer

Number of Players: 5 to 30 players

Estimated Playing Time: 30 to 90 minutes

Recommended Ages: Ages 8 +

Expansions: None

Other Editions: None


From the back of the box:

This fun party game for a group of 5-30 people to play! The rules can be learned in less than 3 minutes. One person acts as moderator, overseeing a village of people, one (or more) of which are secretly Cthulhu worshippers! The worshippers begin sacrificing other villagers one by one.

Optional cards add additional roles such as Protector, Seer and Vigilante!

Comments / Trivia

This game is modeled after the party game Mafia (also known as Werewolf.)

Not to be confused with other Cthulhu Mythos-themed variations on Werewolf/Mafia such as Adoradores de Cthulhu, Arkham Nights, or Are You the Cultist? (Party Edition).