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Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan is an Irish game designer and novelist who works primarily on Role-Playing Games.

Hanrahan was one of the game designers included in the experimental community connected to the Gaming Outpost. When Mongoose Publishing pulled their Paranoia writing in-house, it was overseen by Hanrahan. Hanrahan wrote Mongoose's fifth RuneQuest setting, Hawkmoon: The Roleplaying Game (2007). Hanrahan authored the Traveller Core Rulebook (2008), which managed to outsell RuneQuest and become Mongoose's new #1 game. Hanrahan's 12th-century setting Deus Vult (2010) received new support in RuneQuest II. When Mongoose separated from Rebellion in March 2010, Hanrahan was one of those let go during the resulting layoffs. Hanrahan helped Pelgrane Press support their GUMSHOE System by producing monthly supplements starting in late 2010. In 2011, Cubicle 7 expanded its staff with industry insiders like Hanrahan, Walt Ciechanowski, Charles Ryan, and Neil Ford.

He is employed as a full-time writer for Pelgrane Press. He also holds the position of Line Developer for The Laundry Files roleplaying game published by Cubicle 7.


Hanrahan is the author of the Paranoia novel Reality Optional. He has also contributed short stories to the Stone Skin Press anthologies The Lion and the Aardvark and Schemers.

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