Great Ones

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The Great Ones are the "weak gods of earth" that reign in the Dreamlands. They are protected by Nyarlathotep.

Table of Great Ones


This table is organized as follows:

  • Name. This is the commonly accepted name of the Great One.
  • Description. This entry gives a brief description.
  • References. This field lists the stories or other sources in which the Great One makes a significant appearance or otherwise receives important mention. A simple two-letter code is used (the key to the codes is found here). If a code appears in bold, this means that the reference introduces the Great One.


Great Ones
Name Description References
Hagarg Ryonis,
The Lier-in-Wait
Usually appears as a huge, reptilian monster. WH, DL
Karakal An elf-like humanoid. DL, WH
Lobon Appears as ivy-crowned youth bearing a spear. DC, DL, WH
Nath-Horthath Chief god of Celephaïs. CE, DL, DQ, KA
Oukranos ? ?
Tamash Appears as a short, silver-skinned, ebon-haired, and bearded man. DC, DL, MG, WH
Zo-Kalar God of birth and death. DC, WH