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Title: Harzam's Monograph on Induced Hauntings, AKA:

  • Harzan's Monograph
  • Harzam's Monographs
  • Induced Hauntings
  • Astral and Astarral Co-ordination and Interference by Harzam with addenda by Carnacki

Origin: "Harzan's Monograph" Appears in William Hope Hodgson's series of Carnacki: the Ghost-Finder stories


A Gaslight-era (1870s?) parapsychological and "pseudoscientific" tome describing colours, lights, and electricity as forms of "vibrations" whose interactions can be manipulated to either create supernatural phenomena.

Harzan's Monograph, with Addenda by Thomas Carnacki

  • author: ? Harzan
  • Language: English (?)
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General Content:

A pseudoscientific or parapsychological monograph written by an authority on psychic phenomena, "induced hauntings", and supernatural interference, filled with speculations and experimental notes on electromagnetic "vibrations" and their effects on the Astral and "Astarral" Planes, Ghosts, Spirits, and psychic phenomena.

Carnacki's addenda to Harzam's monograph speaks vaguely of the terrible importance of maintaining a balance of "positive" and "negative" forces in these vibrations which must cancel each other, lest the Ab-natural world gain too much power.

Among the topics of Harzan's discussions are references to (difficult to replicate) experiments in which Harzan claimed on multiple occasions to have used electrical machinery to shift the natural balance of electromagnetic vibrations to manipulate supernatural phenomena, creating hauntings, and theorizing that it might be possible to "cleanse" an existing haunting of the "imbalance of vibrations" which presumably induced them. Harzan also wrote at length on the role of colours - both in "natural" spectra and "ab-natural" spectra of visible and invisible colours - in supernatural phenomena.

Among the most notable inventions known to have been based partly on Harzan's research and experiments (though more so on Garder's Lectures expanding on Harzan's ideas) is Thomas Carnacki's "Electrical Pentagram", a device claimed to offer protection from supernatural forces. The monograph is also known to have heavily influenced the Carnacki Institute's methods and theories.

According to a special Rationalwiki article on the "The Woo Science of Harzan Resonance", Harzan appears to have coined such terms as "ab-natural" and "ab-human", and wrote frequently of light, color, electricity, ectoplasm, and even matter itself in terms of "vibrations"; the article supports a claim that pseudo-scientific theories, inventions, and literature using such terminology are derivative of Harzam's Monograph on Induced Hauntings, and can be useful in tracing "woo" based on Harzam's claims back to that source.

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"I believed the origin of the happenings to lie in a strange but perfectly understandable cause, i.e., in that phenomenon known technically as 'attractive vibrations.' Harzam, in his monograph on 'Induced Hauntings', points out that such are invariably produced by 'induced vibrations', that is, by temporary vibrations set up by some outside cause. This is somewhat abstruse to follow out in a story of this kind, but it was on a long consideration of these points that I had resolved to make experiments to see whether I could not produce a counter or 'repellent' vibration, a thing which Harzam had succeeded in producing on three occasions and in which I have had a partial success once, failing only because of the imperfectness of the apparatus I had aboard...."
— William Hope Hodgson, "The Haunted Jarvee"

"'You had better read Harzam's Monograph, and my Addenda to it, on Astral and Astarral Co-ordination and Interference,' said Carnacki. 'It is an extraordinary subject, and I can only say here that the human-vibration may not be insulated from the astarral... without immediate action being taken by those Forces which govern the spinning of the outer circle. In other words, it is being proved, time after time, that there is some inscrutable Protective Force constantly intervening between the human-soul (not the body, mind you) and the Outer Monstrosities....'"
— William Hope Hodgson, "The Haunted Jarvee"


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