Knygathin Zhaum

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Knygathin Zhaum, the half-breed

Origin: (uncertain; appears to be a creation of Clark Ashton Smith, and perhaps first mentioned in that author's "Family Tree of the Gods", in reference to the then-unfinished story "The Testament of Athammaus")

In the Mythos

Knygathin Zhaum, the half-breed Voormi son of the Great Old One Sfatlicllp, reverted to the most primitive Azathothian characteristics of androgynous reproductive fission following the stress of his numerous decapitations. The "Testament of Athammaus" relates a terrible and abominable legend telling how a certain doughty citizen of Commoriom (not Athammaus) returned to the city after its public evacuation, and found that it was peopled most execrably and numerously by the fissional spawn of Knygathin Zhaum, a spawn which possessed no vestige of anything human or even earthly. ("The Family Tree of the Gods" by Clark Ashton Smith)

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