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{{DEFAULTSORT:Sacre de Sayk Fong Lee, Le}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Cendres de l'Écorcheur Céleste, Les}}
[[Category:CoC:1930s scenarios]]
[[Category:CoC:1930s scenarios]]
[[Category:CoC:Air travel scenarios]]
[[Category:CoC:Air travel scenarios]]
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[[Category:CoC:Scenarios set in Manchuria]]
[[Category:CoC:Scenarios set in Manchuria]]
[[Category:CoC:Scenarios set in Mongolia]]
[[Category:CoC:Scenarios set in Mongolia]]
[[Category:CoC:Star spawn of Cthulhu scenarios]]
[[Category:CoC:Star-Spawn of Cthulhu scenarios]]
[[Category:CoC:Tcho-Tcho scenarios]]
[[Category:CoC:Tcho-Tcho scenarios]]
[[Category:CoC:War scenarios]]
[[Category:CoC:War scenarios]]

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Front cover

Translated Title: The ashes of the Celestial Flayer

Pages: 35

Author: Samuel Tarapacki

Artist: Vintage photographs, Loïc Muzy

Editor(s): Christophe Ployon, Isabelle Donné

Setting: September 1931, Manchuria, China & the Ranksacaan, Mongolia

Appears in: Les 5 supplices, Livret 5

Campaign: Les 5 supplices


When sorcerer Sayk Fong Lee heads inland to Mongolia, the investigators must follow to stop him from gaining access to the ashes of the Celestial Flayer.

Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
The investigators depart the Marchu palace to follow the trial of some Orthodox Christian monks. The rescue a young marshal named Zhang Xueliang from the Opium Dream, and he puts them on Sayk Fong Lee's path to Ranksacaan, Mongolia, where the sorcerer seeks the Jade Urn containing the ashes of the Celestial Flayer. Once they reach Mongolia, they locate the Jade Urn, but a Tcho-Tcho shaman lures them to be captured by his tribe to sacrifice them to a dark god. Meanwhile, Says Fong Lee's minions arrive and steal away the Jade Urn, leaving the investigators for dead.

Player Handouts

  • Les messages des oiseaux noirs divinatoires (messages of the black divination birds) (1)
  • Les messages des oiseaux noirs divinatoires (messages of the black divination birds) (2)
  • Sauf-conduit en Mandchourie (safe passage in Manchuria)
  • Document historique de l'Illustration (historical document of illustration)
  • La carte vers la Mongolie (map to Mongolia)


Creatures & Entities:


Tomes & Artifacts:

  • l'Urne de Jade (Jade Urn)

Campaigns / Scenarios: Les 5 supplices


Keeper Comments